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A sampling of pieces hanging in the New Passage exhibit in the Atrium Hallway Gallery at the Brooks House in Brattleboro.

New Passage: Atrium Hallway Gallery features new BWA works

BRATTLEBORO: A new exhibit in the Brooks House, 130 Main St. will open May 4, spotlighting the artwork of three Brattleboro-West Arts members.


The show, titled New Passage, will feature paintings by Kay Curtis, Stephen Lloyd and Jen Wiechers in the Atrium Hallway Gallery. The new works will be on view through the Summer months. 


The ongoing exhibit is at the invitation of fellow Brattleboro-West Arts members Petria Mitchell and Jim Giddings, who worked with the Brooks House management to create a venue in the hallway to showcase local artists.


The colorful work by Kay Curtis in Gouache and ink is influenced by her youth in the West Indies and by her exposure in 1997 to jazz and the Lindy Hop Era.


For Stephen Lloyd, these pieces were inspired by spending some time last winter in Palm Springs, CA where things are much sunnier and warmer than in Vermont at that time of year.

Encaustic painting offers layer upon layer of possibility, encouraging a dance between intention and happenstance. For Jen Wiechers, this lesser-known medium offers a very comfortable, versatile physical interface full of interweaving layers and unplanned effects.

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