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Doug Cox

Douglas Cox received his early training at the State Violin Making School in Mittenwald, Germany in the late 1960's. He spent ten years as head of the repair department and chief restorer for the firm of J. Bradley Taylor, Inc. in Boston, servicing the finest instruments in the New England area. Since 1981 he has devoted himself to building fine new instruments. His home and studio are in the hills outside Brattleboro, Vermont, not far from Marlboro Music and the Yellow Barn Music Festival.

To his making of new instruments, Doug brings the discipline and workmanship of his early training tempered with years of study of fine old instruments and extensive experience in tonal adjustment for the most demanding professional players. He continues to stretch his making abilities and understanding of what makes violins work by building close copies of unusual and noteworthy master instruments.

Since 1981 Doug has built more than 600 violins, violas, cellos, and baroque instruments. His instruments have received awards from the Violin Society of America, and are used by professional artists in a wide array of professional settings. Click here to see a few of the artists playing Cox instruments.

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