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Naomi Lindenfeld

Inspired by patterns in nature and a love of dance, I express through my work the rhythms and textures of movement. Carving into layered colored clay with a tool, rings of color reminiscent of ripples of water or wood grain appear.  Throwing colored clay on the wheel, then cutting facets creates an agate effect.  These methods of working with the clay result in a richness of color, flow and a multi-dimensional quality in my work.  All of the items that I make are high-fired in a gas kiln and intended for daily use as well as for celebrations.    

Naomi has a Bachelor of Applied Arts in ceramics from Boston University's Program in Artisanry.

After several clay apprenticeships, Naomi co-founded in 1983 the Brattleboro Clayworks, a potter's collective in Brattleboro, Vt.  Since then, she has been a  professional potter offering a line of colored clay items. In 2004 she set up her own studio in her home in West Brattleboro which is where she now works out of.

Since 1998 Naomi has been the ceramics teacher at Putney School (a boarding high school), teaching a variety of hand-building and wheel-throwing methods.  Naomi has also taught a number of colored clay workshops at craft centers around the northeast where she has had the opportunity to share her enthusiasm for the unusual and exciting technique involving working with colored clays.

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