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Jen Wiechers

Encaustic painting offers layer upon layer of possibility. In both process and product, the medium encourages a dance between intention and happenstance. For Jen Wiechers, this lesser-known medium offers a very comfortable, versatile physical interface full of interweaving layers and unplanned effects.

Using a combination of bees wax and dammar resin, oil pigment sticks and various found objects, her Encaustic paintings are a collage-like ensemble of texture, color and form, embedded and revealed through many layers of additions and subtractions. As Jen puts it: “I never know what it will become when I begin.  It’s like I’m going on a journey and I have no idea where I’m going and when it will end… and I LOVE that!  The discoveries and surprises are a lot of why I love doing it.”

Jen’s pieces combine vivid color and gentle forms, and suggest ambiguity and movement.  Each finished painting is only finished when she feels it reflects back to her parts of herself. “I’d like to think that the incredible joy I feel when creating the paintings is captured in each of them.”

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