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Petria Mitchell

Painter Petria Mitchell understands the extraordinary light and equally remarkable darkness of our wonderful part of the world - New England, with it’s quick changing weather, skies filled with water and light, clouds rolling over hills and meadows. Working from memory and internal visions, Petria creates landscapes filled with atmosphere and intense moods. Her expressive brushswork has an abstract quality, which helps convey a sense of timelessness in the work. Smaller works on paper draw us into their space with their subtle modulations of color, while larger works on canvas have bolder brush strokes, more intense colors, and expansive subject matter.

"These paintings are compositions of internal places not visited on foot. Using nature as an initial reference point allows me to play with limitless visual possibilities with a thorough appreciation for abstraction. Working with diffused light lets me emphasize my interest in the plasticity of paint, rather than the physics of light."

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