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Jessica Weitz

Jess Weitz is a multi-disciplinary visual artist living and working in Marlboro, Vermont. Her mediums, over 30 years of practice, have included photography, painting, found object sculpture, writing, and currently ceramics. Her process, driven by topophilia, conflates the visual and written poetics of place and memory.

Jess's ceramics and paintings incorporate plant and soil materials from the Vermont landscape to create paint pigments, slip and glaze, working in earth tones, and emphasizing organic forms. She makes both wheel thrown and hand built functional pieces and sculptures.

In addition to being a working artist, Jess has taught classes in expressive art and meditation since 2012, creating in-person and online courses for adults, with a primary objective of sharing intuitive approaches to art practices and insight to help others rediscover their innate creative selves.

Jess Weitz teaching.jpg
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