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Michel Moyse



Michel Moyse is an artist, teacher and co-founder/director of the Center for Digital Art, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational resources and promoting filmmaking and videoart in Brattleboro, Vermont.  Michel's artistic career spans nearly 5 decades and includes works on paper, glass, plastic, film and single and multi-channel projections he calls 'motionpaintngs'.  



'Motionpainting' is a word I use to describe much of the computer based work I've been doing over the last two decades:  by it I simply mean artwork that incorporates duration yet remains rooted in 'stillness'.   Because current technological limitations impose the necessity of viewing these works either as projections in a darkened room or images on a relatively small LCD screen (this is likely to change in the future), it's easy to orient viewing expectations associated with film or animation.  In spite of the fact that these works are time based, they are not narratives in content or form.  As in traditional painting, they have no beginning or end and are meant for continuous viewing.  The new province of this art may in fact be duration without development.  Or, put another way, aspects of 'now' in duration.    

Most of these works were made for large screen projection (at least 16 ft. across for the single channel and 24 ft. for the multi-channel - LCD or LED screens are currently too small and the black border is intrusive and disrupts the experience).  When the eye roams - as it must in large scale-work - this entails a psychic recognition that there's always something else that wants to intrude into the experience - something outside the dimension of sight; a shifting landscape that can't be fixed or held for long.

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